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Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I Phase 1 

Phase II Phase 2

Subsurface Investigation


Risk-Based Assessment

OIl & Gas Aquisition Site Assessment

E & P Waste

Historical Contamination

Past Use

Compliance Audit


Environmental risk associated with the acquisition of real property can’t be eliminated, but ESA offers a range of services designed to help reduce it.

We designed our Phase I ESA to satisfy the EPA requirements for “All Appropriate Inquiry” by following the ASTM E-1527 (13) Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  


We can and will tailor the assessment to meet other published standards.  In all cases we will work to align the process to the client's risk tolerance,  cost and time constraints. 

   Due Diligence Products


                    Desktop Review

                    Transaction Screening

                    Phase I Site


                     Phase II Subsurface                                    Investigation

                     Vapor Intrusion                                      Assessment

                      Multi-site package                                     discounts.