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Environmental Permits

RRC Minor Permits and Letters of Request

  • Landspreading Water-Based Drilling Fluids

  • Landfarming Produced Water

  • Land Treatment of Oily waste

  • Water Discharge Permits

  • Pit Permits

Commercial and Non-Commercial Facility Applications​

  • Reclamation Plant Permits

  • Waste Separation Facility Permits

  • Drilling Solids and Drilling Fluids Recycling Permits

Municipal Permit Applications for Drilling or E&P Operations

Air Emissions and Permits

Emissions Inventory

Application for Permits by Rule (Subchapter O)

  • Saltwater Disposal

  • Oil & Gas Production Facilities

  • Temporary Oil & Gas Facilities

  • Iron Sponge Gas-Treating Unit

Application for Readily Available Permits (RAPs) 

Application for New Source Review Permits

  • Facilities (Emissions Limitations)

  • Storage Tanks

  • Internal Combustion Engines

  • Glycol Dehydrators

Engineering and Geology
Reports, Applications and  Filings

Regulatory reports, applications and filings.   

  • Completion Reports

  • Well Testing and Status Reports

  • Production, Transportation and Storage Reports 

  • Disposal, Injection and Groundwater Protection

  • Spill Reporting and Voluntary Cleanup

  • Inactive Well and Well Plugging Reports

  • Monthy Reporting for Commercial Facilities

  • Pipeline T4 Permitting

  • Abeyance Letter - HB 2259 Compliance 

Compliance Support
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit

  • Facility Inspection

  • Waste Stream Characterization

  • Permit Conditions and Recordkeeping

  • SPCC Plans and Oil Spill Response Plans

  • Security, Safety and Signage Inspection

Waco Sheet
Texas wildflowers
Hill Country Wildflowers
Hill country Cactus
Blowout Christmas Tree
Pump Jack
Pine needles
roadside wildflowers
Tank Removal Checking LEL
Tank Removal Tipping Tank for Liquid rem
Tank Removal Lifting
Gas Station Soil Cleanup with PID
Tank Removal with Trackhoe
Caddo Lake
Pump Jack
Cypress Tree in the Water
Martin Creek
Great Texas Balloon Race
Pressure Gage
Piney Woods
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Regulatory File Review

  • Operator File Review

  • Historical Research

  • On-site inspection

  • Permit Compliance Review

  • Spill History

  • Baseline Soil Sampling

  • Photo Documentation 

  • Geologic Mapping and Cross-Sections

  • Groundwater Protection (Water Board Letter)

  • Abeyance Letter - HB-2259 Compliance

  • Casing Integrity Testing

  • SPCC & Oil Spill Contingency Plans

  • Well Completion Design

  • Well Plugging Design

  • Closure Cost Estimates

Regulatory Liaison/Public Relations

ESA represents clients before regulatory agencies, boards, panels and courts to facilitate cost-effective solutions to compliance issues.  We can also provide information services to help avoid confrontations with the public.

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

ESA has personnel with extensive industry, regulatory and consulting experience in a wide variety of disciplines to provide expert witness and litigation support.  ESA can assist with disputes arising from regulatory compliance, agency policy, and environmental contamination, or with preparation for oil and gas or other regulatory proceedings.


ESA provides research services ranging from simple database record reviews to complex historical reviews of agency regulations, policies and procedures.  We will also find, review and interpret historical aerial photographs, maps, logs and technical reports to identify potential problems and opportunities.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

ESA helps clients avoid the need for wetland permits by pre-inspecting proposed drill pad locations, pipeline corridors, or construction projects to identify locations or routes that are not jurisdictional and will not require a permit. If permits are required, ESA prepares and submits delineation reports , mitigation plans, and  a permit application, to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  ESA acts as a liaison between you and regulatory officials to expedite the permitting process.

Private projects can be subject to the requirements of NEPA if they are determined to have a federal nexus which can include impacts to waters of the United States under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act; activities conducted below the Ordinary High Water Mark of navigable waters of the United States under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Appropriation Act of 1899; federal land or mineral estate; or Indian land or mineral estate.


The Clean Water Act prohibits unauthorized filling of “jurisdictional waters of the United States,” but a permit can take more than a year to process. 

Wetland Compliance
  • Section 404 Compliance

  • Jurisditional Determination 

  • Wetland Delineation 

  • Mitigation Planning

  • Section 404 and Section 10 Permit Applications

  • Cultural Resource Assessment

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Assessment

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NEPA Description
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