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Are you leaving yourself open to liability?  Reduce risk when you buy property when you have ESA perform assessments. Assessments conducted meet standards that meet EPA requirements for “All Appropriate Inquiry.”  If your company has specific requirements, ESA can perform assessments that meet your needs.

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Site Characterization

Lose something?  Delineating the extent of impacts from a spill or contaminant plume can be a complex and expensive process.   ESA has the experience necessary to design and implement work plans that minimize cost and fulfill the requirements of various regulatory programs without compromising the integrity of the project. 

Corrective Action /
Remediation & Closure

How clean is clean?  The Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA) process uses risk to focus money and technology on efforts that result in reduced risk to human health and the environment.


Are old UST's keeping you awake at night? ESA Consulting, LLC is a Licensed Tank Contractor and Registered Corrective Action Specialist in Texas and assists customers in the removal and closure of  petroleum storage tanks.  We routinely communicate with regulators on behalf of tank owners and coordinate required notifications, scheduling, removal, disposal, sampling and reporting required by environmental regulations. Our goal is to minimize your cost and to get the regulators off of your back.

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Regulatory Compliance

Not sure what regulations apply to you?  The maze of state and federal regulations can be difficult to navigate.  Our Experienced Compliance Analysts guide clients through the complex processes. Federal air and water protection legislation includes a wide variety of compliance requirements.  ESA helps clients comply with these regulations through the development of best management practices and the preparation of mandatory plans and compliance documentation.  ESA specializes in retainer-based compliance services for all or part of a client’s property portfolio.


Why do I need a permit?  The state and federal government have created an intricate web of environmental rules and regulations, some of which attempt to limit the volume, amount or use of something (a contaminant, runoff, wetlands), in most cases to restore quality or prevent damage to a natural resource.  ESA helps to speed up the permitting process or, in some cases, to prevent the need for a permit.

Wetland Permitting

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act prohibits unpermitted filling of “jurisdictional waters of the United States,” but a permit can take more than a year to process.  ESA helps clients avoid the need for wetland permits by pre-inspecting proposed drill pad locations, pipeline corridors, or construction projects to identify areas that are not jurisdictional and will not require a permit. If a permit is required, ESA will prepare and submit the delineation report and mitigation plan, along with a permit application, to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  ESA will act as a liaison between the client and regulatory officials to obtain permits in an expeditious manner.

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Air Emission Compliance & Permitting

ESA provides service to ensure your industry is fully compliant with all local, state and federal air quality regulations and permitting requirements.  A full air emission inventory of regulated pollutants can be assessed at your facility to determine your site specific requirements.  Our staff will assist with or handle all interface with local, state and federal agencies, including:  reporting, inspection liaison, and filing requirements. 

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

ESA has personnel with extensive industry, regulatory and consulting experience in a wide variety of disciplines to provide expert witness and litigation support.  ESA can assist with disputes arising from regulatory compliance, agency policy, and environmental contamination, or with preparation for oil and gas or other regulatory proceedings.

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